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    California Car Insurance – Teens, DUIs, and SR-22

    Every state in the US requires every driver to have car insurance. No matter what state you reside in, you must have the minimum insurance required in that state. Some drivers have a difficult time not only finding an insurance company that will insure them, but one that will also provide affordable premiums. Teenaged drivers, drivers who have been convicted of a DUI and any motorist who is required, by state law, to file an SR-22, are all people who find it difficult to locate affordable car insurance rates. If you reside in California, you must be covered by automotive insurance and the State does not care how high your premiums are. Fortunately, there are companies in California that will insure you at a reasonable cost and caautoinsurancequotes.net can help you find the right company for your individual needs.

    CA Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers

    California has had Graduated Drivers Licenses for teens since 1998. States have found that GDLs are necessary to keep teen drivers safer while allowing them to gain real driving experience before they are permitted to drive without restrictions. Studies have shown the GDLs have saved an untold number of lives by reducing the number of accidents caused by teen drivers. While GDLs have helped to lower the number of collisions involving teen drivers, teens are still considered High Risk and insurance premiums for teenage drivers are generally very high. Below is some helpful information about California’s Graduated drivers Licenses:

    California GDL regulations Requirements
    Learner’s permit 16 years old minimum
    Intermediate license 16 – 18 years old
    Full licensure 18 years old with clean driving record
    Mandatory Learner’s Permit Hold 6 months minimum
    Supervised Practice Driving 50 hours, 10 of the required hours to be at night
    Unsupervised Nighttime Driving Ban Yes-Between 11 PM and 5 AM
    Passenger Restrictions No passengers under the age of 20 allowed
    Cell Phone Use No cell phones, texting, pagers or electronic devices to be used by a driver

    Getting DUI Insurance in California

    Getting a DUI is a very serious driving violation which can come with some fairly harsh penalties for those who are convicted. It can also significantly raise your automobile insurance rates. In California, first time offenders could face a maximum of six months in prison, along with a fine ranging anywhere from $390-$1,000. After release, there will also be a 6 month license suspension and a mandatory DUI Course. When the license suspension is eventually lifted, restricted licenses will require that drivers purchase SR-22 insurance. There may also be an ignition interlock device installed on the offender’s vehicle which will need to be paid for by the driver.

    Getting SR-22 Insurance in California

    If you reside in California and have been convicted of a DUI, committed a criminal act while driving or have failed to show proof of insurance coverage after an accident, you must have California SR-22 insurance in order to legally drive. If you are stopped and asked for proof of insurance by an officer of the law, you must have a copy of your proof of SR-22 with you.

    The State of California strictly enforces the laws requiring all drivers to be covered by auto insurance and CA drivers must be covered by California car insurance or face stiff penalties. High Risk drivers such as teens and people who must have SR-22 insurance can find it difficult to find affordable Automotive insurance. None the less, all drivers must be adequately covered. caautoinsurancequotes.net can help you  find discounted rates, no matter what type of car insurance you need.

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