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    Average Los Angeles Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Hundreds of Dollars Annually

    In the glitzy city of Los Angeles, car owners generally pay around $1,678 for automotive insurance every year. This is slightly higher than the average rate for the LA County and the state of California, the difference being 1.59% and 14%, respectively.

    Insurance Factors — Determining the amount of car insurance payments in Los Angeles, CA

    Insurance premiums are not set in stone. Providers look at a variety of factors to compute what they deem to be an acceptable amount for Los Angeles auto insurance on a case to case basis. Obvious things like driving history and credit score are considered, as well as seemingly random stuff like car color and model. The following have significant effects on the calculation:

    • Location — Where you drive matters. The odds are that car owners in a bustling metropolis will pay much higher premiums than their counterparts in rural areas. The logic behind this is that car density tends to be directly proportional to the rate of road accidents. In 2010, Los Angeles was found to have a population of 3,792,621 with a rather high density of 8,085 per square mile. Not at all surprising as the city attracts a fair amount of young people every year.
    • Driving to Work — The daily ritual of driving to and from work is a dreary necessity for most. Those who travel to work during off-peak periods are more likely to be granted lower rates as they have statistically less chances of getting into a bad accident. Los Angeles residents have to deal with an average of 29.6 minutes of commute every morning and roughly the same amount when they return home, depending on the traffic situation.
    • Auto Thefts — A person’s neighborhood is also looked into by insurance providers as it can determine the likelihood of car theft. Thieves are known to be drawn to certain types of vehicles as well. Those living in large cities can reduce their payment rates by proactively installing anti-theft devices. In Los Angeles, car theft is a serious problem with 17,046 units stolen in 2010 alone.
    • Education — Lastly, educational attainment is taken into consideration. Insurance providers look kindly at applicants possessing a college degree or higher, giving sizeable discounts for their academic efforts. In Los Angeles, about 16% of residents have a bachelor’s degree while 17% have earned a high school diploma, both slightly lower than California averages.

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    Not a Los Angeles resident? Drivers can also save money if they live in San Jose, San Diego, or Fresno!

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