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    Getting really cheap San Diego auto insurance in San Diego, CA need not seem like a treacherous treasure hunt. All you need to do is use the comprehensive information in cacarinsurancequotes.net. If that seems daunting for you, think again. All you need to do is fill out the widget below and wait a few moments for the results.

    Save Money by Knowing the Average San Diego Auto Insurance Quotes

    Knowing what the average insurance policy goes for will prevent you from overpaying on your automotive insurance. It could also guide you whether what is being offered is a worthwhile deal or even a steal. The average San Diego vehicle insurance policy rate is $1,318. This is lower than the average in San Diego County which is at $1,360. These figures are still cheaper when you go state-wide, as the average in California is $1,477. If you were wondering about the national average, it is $1,768.

    Factors Influencing Rates of San Diego car insurance in San Diego, California

    Automotive insurance rates vary from location to location and are also shaped by several factors. These factors are taken into consideration by companies to come up with the final rate they will charge each vehicle owner. Some factors deal with your ability to pay for the whole policy and the possibility of you rescinding the contract, such as employment status and credit score. Other factors, such as the following, have something to do with increasing the risk of the dangers that the policy is meant to cover you from.

    • Location — Living in a location that is highly populated leads to higher rates because the risk of vehicular accidents is higher. This comes from the premise that if there are more people, then there is a tendency that there are also more vehicles compared to other areas. San Diego has an average population density of 4,031 residents per square mile or a total of around 1,310,000 residents in the whole City.
    • Driving To Work — It takes an average of 23.2 minutes for a San Diego resident to drive from home to work. There have been 5.6 fatal accidents recorded per 100,000 residents in 2009. The longer time you spend on the road increases your risk of getting into an accident. Driving during peak hours will also amplify such risk. Your rate increases if your regular commute time is longer and vice versa. Also, if your regular commuting hours are during the off-peak hours, then you might snag lower rates than those who join the rush hour traffic.
    • Auto Thefts — This risk is probably on top of every vehicle owner’s nightmare, only next to being involved in accidents. There are cities that have a higher risk than others, while there are also specific automobiles that are favorites for thieves. The 1991 Honda Accord has the highest risk of being stolen in California while there have been 6,389 vehicles stolen in San Diego in 2010 alone. You can lower the initial rate quoted to you by installing anti-theft devices on your auto.
    • Education — When you thought that having an education is only good for getting employed into the corporate world, you are wrong. There is another advantage to at least planning to complete a bachelor’s degree, and that is the high probability of getting discounted rates. A higher educational attainment entitles you to higher discounts. 17% of San Diego residents are holders of high school diplomas, a bit lower than the 20.1% percent in the whole of California. However, the rates are in reverse when it comes to residents who have at least finished their college educations, 21.7 % in San Diego and 17.1% in California.

    Obtaining an automobile insurance is a necessity when you own a vehicle. Though you should not scrimp on value, you have all the right to save money by availing of policies with the lowest rate you can get. You can easily get those quotes by filling out the widget below, courtesy of cacarinsurancequotes.net. You will only have to wait for a few moments, and the best part is that you get them for free.

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