• Get Lowest Auto Insurance Rates in San Francisco, CA

    Finding automobile insurance that will not break the bank is difficult. Not only is finding cheap auto insurance in San Francisco, CA difficult, there are also tons of factors that can affect the overall price of insurance. Finding the perfect policy for you does not have to be impossible, with caautoinsurancequotes.net you can get a quick quote for a policy that takes all your needs into consideration to give you one of the most accurate quotes on the internet. Finding San Francisco vehicle insurance can be simple.

    Save Money on Average San Francisco Auto Insurance Quotes

    Automotive insurance in the city of San Francisco is about $1000 on average for a liability policy only for a full year of coverage on one vehicle. This means the base amount of coverage that you need to stay legal. The average cost of a full coverage policy is around $1400 for one year on one vehicle.  A full coverage policy covers bodily injury of both you and the other driver, repairs, hospital bills, car replacement and more.

    Factors that Affect Car Insurance Costs in San Francisco, CA

    There are a few factors that affect the overall cost of policies and how much a policy will pay out in certain cases. Understanding these factors is the best way to be sure that the policy that you are getting has every benefit that you need, that it is comprehensive, and that you are getting all the discounts that you deserve. Things like credit score, occupation, gender, age, accident history, and more can affect the overall cost of your insurance policy.

    • Location– Zip codes with higher population density can help to increase your insurance premiums as the more people there are in one area, the more likely accidents and damages are to occur. The population of San Francisco as of 2010 was around 805,235, that is a density of about 17,245 people per square mile which is exceedingly high.
    • Driving to Work– It takes the average commuter in San Francisco 35 minutes to travel to work, there are about 17,000 commuters that drive for 35 minutes to get to work. Long commutes increase the likelihood of accidents which again can increase your rates. The average number of fatal accidents per 100,000 drivers was around 4.8 in 2010.
    • Auto Thefts– Living in areas where auto theft or vandalism is common can also drive up rates. Large cities are at a higher risk of car break ins and thefts, San Francisco has an rate of about 3,900 thefts in the year 2010 alone.
    • Education– The education of the masses can also help to change the cost of insurance. Areas where education levels are high tend to experience lower costs overall. The number of drivers with a bachelor’s degree in this area is about 28.6% compared to the state average of 17%. The number of drivers with a high school diploma is about 13.9% versus the state average of 20.1%.

    Getting an accurate motor vehicle insurance quote is the best way to make sure that you are getting the rates that you deserve. You can visit, caautoinsurancequotes.net and use the free widget on the page to get a quote that is incredibly accurate and can help you decide what insurance is right for you. Finding free quotes, lower rates, and saving money does not have to be difficult if you know where to start.

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