• Looking for Auto Insurance in San Jose, CA?

    For those who are new to San Jose, or who are car owners for the first time, there are a few things about cheap auto insurance in San Jose that you need to know. While it is your obligation by law to hold a current policy any time you drive on public roads, it will be in your best interest to have insurance as well. Once you have perused this article and learned a few of the ins and outs, you can compare rates and find the best deal at caautoinsurancequotes.net.

    Finding the Best Deal On Average San Jose Auto Insurance Quotes

    A recent analysis of actual rates informs us that the average price for automotive insurance in San Jose is between $700-$1000 annually. This is at the high end on rates generally in Santa Clara County, and compares to an $800 average statewide. The rate you get will depend on your personal history, the car you drive, and other factors.

    Factors That Will Decide Your Car Insurance Rate in San Jose, California

    Remember that insurance is not ‘one-size-fits-all’. Many factors will come into play when the company decides your rate. Basically, the data can be broken down into two categories: information about you, and the kind of car you drive. The insurance company will look at your age, driving record, occupation, and credit score, among other things. They will also plug in information about your car including year, make, model, and how much and when you drive it. Those cars that are statistically more susceptible to theft or mechanical problems will cost more to insure. Likewise, preventative measures like garage parking and a security system can reduce your premium. Here are a few other factors that will influence your rate:

    • Location: Areas with higher population densities will charge more for insurance due to a higher likelihood of accidents and theft. San Jose has a population of 971,372, making it the 10th most densely populated area in the US.
    • Driving to Work: If you commute during peak drive time, it is possible you will be charged a higher rate. Likewise, if you drive at off-peak times, you may qualify for a discount. In San Jose, statistics show that most people spend between 20-30 minutes driving to work. San Jose is below the state average for fatal accidents, with about 5 people in 100,000 killed in car crashes.
    • Probability of Theft: Besides living in a dense area, the make, year, and even the color of your car will be used to calculate theft risk. In 2010, risk of auto theft in San Jose was rated at 558 per 100,000 residents. Remember that you can often lower your rates by installing an alarm.
    • Education: Those with higher educational degrees can usually expect to pay less for automobile insurance. San Jose is slightly below the state average for high school graduates at around 18%, but above the state average for college graduates at 21%.

    Some of these factors will be beyond your control while others can be affected. When you look into vehicle insurance rates, make sure to add as many data points as possible into the widgets at caautoinsurancequotes.net. This is the best way to get accurate quotes and make realistic comparisons. Good luck in your insurance hunt, and safe driving!

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